Thursday, 1 October 2009

My talented BFF Marti

Let me introduce you to my friend Martina! Please take time to check out my gorgeous friend Marti's Blog! She is truly an inspiration to me! She has 2 beautiful girls and another (sure to be beautiful) girl due soon :) She works, she cooks, she makes and she puts me to shame! She has just opened up a shop on Misi!!!

Martina lives miles and miles away from me these days! We rarely see each other....but i know (i hope) she will always be in my life. I tend to not have many girlfriends, but those i do, i cherish! I wish she was closer sometimes so that we can share our lives, our ups and downs!

Me and Martina above a few years ago on our hols.....we look so happy :) lol.


  1. your friend Marti has a new follower :)

  2. oh great karen :) thanks !! :)

  3. Her cards are so cute! The two of you do look happy - on the inside :)
    Daily Paint Journal

  4. Very talented indeed! I especially love the cards with Christmas trees on them.

    Now a follower!