Monday, 26 October 2009

What a day

Woke up as usual on a cold morning....upped and dressed and out to in car! hmmmmm!!! i knew there was something not quite right with it and it was booked in for tomorrow anyway...but was making the strangest noise. So after numerous phone calls, £89 later my little car was being towed away by the AA. My clutch bearing has gone and have been told it will cost quite a bit of money!!! So i need to sell sell sell lol.

So....without a car...unable to go to work, i worked from home this afternoon on the company website. This evening i've worked on my own website again and its kinda getting there. Also made up a few little business cards.

My mum and step dad came round to lend me their car...and we got around to chatting about painting, making, cards, blah blah....We thought that turkeys on a christmas card would be quite a cute idea (marti if you're reading!!! do the meat version lol) But being veggie that seemed kinda cruel. Sooooooo Veggie Christmas was born :D. I'm not sure how they will work...but have enjoyed drawing and colouring in tonight hehehe. And back to work for me tomorrow :( Not enough hours in the day!


  1. sorry about your car Cara! hope its fixed soon :)
    Love the veggie christmas cards!!!

  2. dear cara i like your style of work its very colorful and uplifting