Monday, 22 November 2010

The end of 'journal your dreams'

I really enjoyed participating. I'm no where near finished...but i have many ideas and dreams floating around in my head. Getting them down and creating a dream reality is the hardest part.

So i thank you Amelia Critchlow, for you've allowed me to tap into my head and my needs and allowed me to freely create.

I have learned i need to think bigger now.
I need to believe that its possible.
I know! that through dreams there is reality.
It's out there....not going to fall in your lap....if you want it enough and strive hard to can have!

I will be putting more pics up of my dreaming journey on flickr from time to time if you would like to follow. Maybe you will see some dreams unfold.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day two of journal your dreams

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I'm a little behind as i've had a busy day! I need to experiment some more on a couple of blank pages and then tomorrow get ready to find some inspiring images.

I recommend this e-workshop to everyone. It awakens those thoughts and dreams. And mostly...isn't it great to have something to concentrate on......

Monday, 15 November 2010

Having fun and playing

Amazing what happens when creating spontaneously. There, there lies yourself. The child inside appears for some creative nurturing.

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Finding my creativity

Today is the first day of Amelia's 'Journal Your Dreams'.  Although as of yet i haven't done anything, i've spent a few hours browsing blogs and flickr.  So much inspiration out there and i don't think i can compete.  I really don't know i have it in me although its all there in my head.  'A portrait a day' was one of the Flickr groups i came across.  And instantly i thought 'i could do that'.  I tried with my Nikon, but i'm so unphotogenic that i gave up!

The e-workshop has made me think alot about me and my wants/dreams.  I procrastinate way too much....i want so much, but i don't know how to achieve it.  i wonder if i'll just go on like this for years!  
All that really love.....isn't it?  Love of life, partner, posibility.  Its all out there.  Waiting for me!!  


And i love all of my goodies that i can play with :)
I'm so looking forward to getting stuck into this e-course.  Finding myself, finding what i need/want and creating some beautiful journal pages.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Giveaway Winner

As the e-workshop starts tomorrow i've had to cut the giveaway short.  

So....the winner is......

Jeanette (Maisy) House!!

So looking forward to starting this and i hope you are too!

Thanks to those that have entered

Can you contact me with your email details so that i could pass on to Amelia Critchlow.

Friday, 12 November 2010

My old portfolio

I was going through my old portfolio earlier and found these.

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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tuesday Weekly Sponsor Giveaway

I am ubber excited to announce my next sponsored giveaway! 

Amelia Critchlow 'artist, maker, workshop leader, and creator of the 'experimental art e-course' and 'gift grants'' is a fantastically inspirational artist and is currently advertising her e-workshop 'JOURNAL YOUR DREAMS'. 

'first and foremost this is about DECLARING OUR DREAMS in a fully artistic manner (I believe visual and written dreamsetting with clear intentions is really powerful!)'

Of course, i jumped at the chance to enrol!  And guess what?  a spare place has been reserved for one of you lucky people! The workshop is due to commence on Monday 15th November (and is a week long), therefore, this giveaway will only be available until Sunday 14th November when a winner will be announced. excited!  and i hope you will be too.

For those of you who don't win, or can't wait, you can enrol here.  Amelia is offering this at an affordable price too as it's a 'pay what you can' donation scheme!

You can enter 1 of 3 ways and all i require from you is a comment with a reason why YOU should win
  1. here
  3. @cara_lara on twitter

I'll stop with my excitable babble and declare this giveaway officially open!!! 

Giveaway WINNER!!!

Using the Random Number Generator and numbering all entrants in accordance to date and time, i am now pleased to confirm

drum rollssssssss........................

Sparrow Primitives has won this weeks giveaway.


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Monday, 8 November 2010


Just gets better and better eh? I can now update my blog on the fly :)
And better fonts too !!
How totally cool is that!

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Sunday, 7 November 2010

New Bookmarks

I have to think about getting bits together for my stall in December. affordable way to buy my artwork is bookmarks!  Signed on the back and ready to go!

Cards, polymer clay xmas decorations, fridge magnets etc are all to come soon.  Trying to find the time is difficult.  But i'm sure i'll get there.  I have oooooodles of jewellery already....might make a few more earrings.  Will just see where it takes me.  Not sure whether i should take original paintings.  Not the kind of thing that would sell on a craft stall???  

So...Sunday is nearly over boo hoo!  back to the grind tomorrow! :(

i've had a nice day though.  Autumn is really growing on me this year and slowly becoming my second fav. season :).  i've been raking leaves...beautifully coloured leaves at that.  

Followed by a lovely brew!  What a lovely day!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Don't forget :)

Caralara: Tuesday Weekly Sponsor Giveaway: "I am really pleased to share with you my very first Weekly Sponsor Giveaway! This gorgeous charm bracelet has been donated by Lisa-Marie Jew..."

Bringing it all together!

I'm slowly managing to create my online presence and gather all of my information into one place.  Slowly, it is looking more uniformed and complete.  Not having a huge amount of knowledge of html and the like, i'm searching the web for help and ideas.  It's getting there.  slowwwwwly.

As for painting this week.....i haven't had that itching urge.  But thats ok! 

This week is all about promotion and my blog. 

Other gorgeous again this year.  The garden last night was full of beautifully coloured leaves on the trees, this morning however, after a windy night.....those leaves are now laying all forlorn on the grass.

5 weeks 4 days until work finishes for 2 weeks!!!  Xmas here we come.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tuesday Weekly Sponsor Giveaway

I am really pleased to share with you my very first Weekly Sponsor Giveaway!

This gorgeous charm bracelet has been donated by Lisa-Marie Jewellery.  Lisa-Maries shop is full of affordable accessories.  Colourful, bright and totally one of a kind.  It actually does amaze me how many creatives out there make jewellery, yet i am still to see two items exactly the same.  THAT is what I love about all things handmade.  And i'm sure you will agree, Lisa-Maries charm bracelet is totally OOAK! 

'I handmake a range of unique one off Jewellery and Accessories from my home in Beautiful Cornwall. I never make 2 items the same so you won't see somebody else with the same design! I use a range of different materials and make all of my items affordable'

So, with christmas drawing ever closer, grab yourself a freebie if you dare.
All that is required is a visit to Lisa-Maries shop.....have a browse....get some ideas for xmas....and then come back, leave a comment and i will randomly select a winner next Tuesday.

Lisa-Marie can also be followed here where you can see her beautiful designs unfold. 



I would like to start a new feature, sponsored giveaways. 
If anyone would like to donate a small item once a week for my featured giveaway, i will promote you and feature you on my blog. 

There are so many fabulous artists, creatives out there and most of us get swallowed up in this big creative online hole never to be seen again.  Believe me, i know!  I have been promoting my work now for over two takes time and lots of patience. 

I will link to your site, blog, shop and promote you as best as i possibly can. 

All YOU have to do is supply and send the item you wish to give away.  Send me a link to your pages.  And thats it.....interested???