Monday, 22 November 2010

The end of 'journal your dreams'

I really enjoyed participating. I'm no where near finished...but i have many ideas and dreams floating around in my head. Getting them down and creating a dream reality is the hardest part.

So i thank you Amelia Critchlow, for you've allowed me to tap into my head and my needs and allowed me to freely create.

I have learned i need to think bigger now.
I need to believe that its possible.
I know! that through dreams there is reality.
It's out there....not going to fall in your lap....if you want it enough and strive hard to can have!

I will be putting more pics up of my dreaming journey on flickr from time to time if you would like to follow. Maybe you will see some dreams unfold.

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  1. Where are you my arty friend? Missing your blog posts x