Sunday, 7 November 2010

New Bookmarks

I have to think about getting bits together for my stall in December. affordable way to buy my artwork is bookmarks!  Signed on the back and ready to go!

Cards, polymer clay xmas decorations, fridge magnets etc are all to come soon.  Trying to find the time is difficult.  But i'm sure i'll get there.  I have oooooodles of jewellery already....might make a few more earrings.  Will just see where it takes me.  Not sure whether i should take original paintings.  Not the kind of thing that would sell on a craft stall???  

So...Sunday is nearly over boo hoo!  back to the grind tomorrow! :(

i've had a nice day though.  Autumn is really growing on me this year and slowly becoming my second fav. season :).  i've been raking leaves...beautifully coloured leaves at that.  

Followed by a lovely brew!  What a lovely day!


  1. Your bookmarks are wonderful, what a lovely idea!

    dawn x

  2. Great stuff Cara, Love bookmarks and tea! well deserved I say x