Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Most who create, paint whatever are never happy with their work! I am really no exception. Whilst painting I see my work through my artist eyes 'ooh I love that colour, that mix, that run'. On completion the critique comes out to play. Believe me I am my worst!

I love happy little accidents and the first of these paintings was a happy joyous little accident. I fell in love with painting all over again. So in 3 days I have completed 3 new paintings. Gone are the long necks and the whimsy feel and born are a newer more pleasing to the eye version.

However....I'm still not that happy! I get frustrated! I am always learning.

I have submitted a painting to the Art Auction which is happening tomorrow in Colchester....THAT WAS BRAVE!  I so want to go but at the same time nervous.  What if I doesn't sell?  What if people talk to me?  But I will go...the first step is complete and by Friday morning it will be over :)


  1. They are all really pretty. I like the colors and their eyes.