Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The end

Last night marked the end of my art therapy course!  How I wish it could have continued, i wasn't ready for it to finish.  We were asked to create an image of where we see ourselves within a ball of wool (seriously you had to be there!!)

It's hard to describe what this means.  But...i really do not have an issue with showing images that possibly reveal my innermost thoughts and feelings.  It's good to share.

The second image was to be of what ingredients we felt we brought to the course.  This was a difficult one....but a 15 minute spontaneous image revealed this.........

Strangely,  group image that we created at the beginning of the course which was shown after this image was created, revealed this........

A very very similar image!  And totally unplanned....so what does that mean?????  Does that mean i've learnt nothing?  Come full circle????  A question i've been asking myself all day.

So thats it...it's done, over....i feel quite sad.

On the upside...my mum is home from her 3 1/2 months away in oz....and this is one of the things she gifted me.....

Great to have you back mum :)


  1. And it really is good to be home and be back with my family. Once jet lag has gone, I'll be more myself. Love you. xxx

  2. I did some art therapy after a terrible episode of depression. I was shocked at how effective it was. Now art as part of my arsenal of de-stressors and it makes me ask questions about myself I wouldn't normally think to ask. Love this Post.

    CJ of Esty Blog Team