Tuesday, 23 June 2009

At Last

I was able to afford a kelly rae roberts piece.  I absolutely adore her work....but always a little too pricey for me :)  So am absolutely delighted with this little bookmark i've just purchased :)  

Now i need some sales on Etsy hehehe

I know i've posted this before.......

But.....i've decided to list it on Etsy. I don't suppose it will do too well :)

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Mad mad hens!

Last night i went to my brothers g/friends hen night!!!  They were mad....i was subdued and old :)  and thats all i have to say about that.  

Yesterday day, me and my mum blitzed my little room.  I haven't done much more to it today as i've had a vodka headache....but once i get in there again i'll have a clearer room, clearer head and may feel more creative.  I AM going to send off the first module of my course this week.  It has been forgotten for so many months now....but i must persevere.  

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Whilst searching for the pics i took i came across this....me, mum n bro :)  Just thought i'd share :)  What dodgy hair i have lol.

More etsy goodies have arrived!!

I got home today to these fantastic packages. The first....the cutest little post-it for my fridge made by cardsandnotes and the second package...which i have to say was beautifully packaged, was from raisinlike.  I bought the card from raisinlike for my brothers upcoming wedding!  I loved it as soon as i saw it.  So...pics attached.....and how great do they look!!!  Ironically....after featuring purplecatscorner yesterday...what should arrive in raisinlikes package....a fridge magnet by purplecatscorner....how chuffed am i ?? :)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Wanting to promote UK artists, Etsians and the like

Because i haven't been so creative lately and wanting to spread the word, i've decided to feature a few etsy shops that i have fallen in love with in recent months.  I know...all of these blogs are doing it....but the UK is such a small entity in Etsy world.

I've been following Purplecatscorner shop for a while now and absolutely adore her style.  If only i could create such beautiful pieces.  So, support Karen, support UK Etsians :)  We try hard :)

mixed media painting on wood- Sing your own song.

Monday, 8 June 2009


They look a little wonky on here and the colours are not so vibrant, but i am really pleased with how these have turned out!

A few more ideas.....

I thought that after printing yesterday and how well they came out.....that i may put some of my photography on etsy.  Some of the flower pictures i have taken would make lovely prints for the wall.  Here are just a few.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

New prints of my paintings

Decided to print some 10 x 15 prints of my paintings today.  Not sure if these have worked or not.  Am thinking of selling them on Etsy as the originals have had much interest, but no sales.  Just an idea anyway :)

Saturday, 6 June 2009


Originally uploaded by caralara
A drawing i did last year. Thought i best post something creative :)

My etsy buys arrived!! :)

To cheer me up on a sad week....i spent some money on etsy and also supported fellow etsians.  These are what have arrived today :)   The cute cleo cat was painted by Cynthia!!  I sent her a picture and she painted this on stone.....and have to say....i love it....reminds me of my lil cleo so much.  

The new the old....change!

Well its been an odd week for one reason or another!  Emotions of sadness, anger, regret, what ifs and many thoughts!!  I took the above pic a couple of weeks ago of my lil yellow car and my new (older :)) car.  Makes me sad looking at my lil yellow stilo that i loved so much.  I don't do change hehehe.....but have to say....my new car brings a bigger smile.  An example of how the little changes at the moment affect me.  

The above pic is of a beautiful moth i found in my kitchen last night.  Whether i have walked around with my eyes closed for all these years i don't know....but i have never seen such a beautiful coloured moth.  The pic doesn't do it justice as it was the brightest red ever.  Absolutely gorgeous.

So thats it....thats my week!!