Saturday, 6 June 2009

The new the old....change!

Well its been an odd week for one reason or another!  Emotions of sadness, anger, regret, what ifs and many thoughts!!  I took the above pic a couple of weeks ago of my lil yellow car and my new (older :)) car.  Makes me sad looking at my lil yellow stilo that i loved so much.  I don't do change hehehe.....but have to new car brings a bigger smile.  An example of how the little changes at the moment affect me.  

The above pic is of a beautiful moth i found in my kitchen last night.  Whether i have walked around with my eyes closed for all these years i don't know....but i have never seen such a beautiful coloured moth.  The pic doesn't do it justice as it was the brightest red ever.  Absolutely gorgeous.

So thats it....thats my week!!


  1. It's a cinnabar moth. They live on ragwort, that scrubby yellow plant that farmers make you pull up because it's poisonous to horses. Sadly this is making them rarer and rarer ^_^

  2. oh wow!!! Thank you!!!!! :)
    A cinnabar moth....see...knew i'd never seen one before :)