Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Most who create, paint whatever are never happy with their work! I am really no exception. Whilst painting I see my work through my artist eyes 'ooh I love that colour, that mix, that run'. On completion the critique comes out to play. Believe me I am my worst!

I love happy little accidents and the first of these paintings was a happy joyous little accident. I fell in love with painting all over again. So in 3 days I have completed 3 new paintings. Gone are the long necks and the whimsy feel and born are a newer more pleasing to the eye version.

However....I'm still not that happy! I get frustrated! I am always learning.

I have submitted a painting to the Art Auction which is happening tomorrow in Colchester....THAT WAS BRAVE!  I so want to go but at the same time nervous.  What if I doesn't sell?  What if people talk to me?  But I will go...the first step is complete and by Friday morning it will be over :)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

WIP ~ And inspired inspired inspired

I have found a new leash of creativity.  Totally inspired by so many artists and the latest is Lucy Claydons work, which you can view here.  I am loving her style, the faces and the colours she uses.
So, it inspired me to do a little bit of sketching this morning.

Due to having no blank canvases i decided to rework an old one.....so i splashed on a little more paint to go over the image that was there originally.  I had always loved the paint runs on this canvas but hated the image.  So with a few more squirts of water and paint runs this happened.....

And then i loved it.  Careful not to paint over those yummy colours i've added a face and with a light white wash am pleased that i can see the runs coming through and adding to her skin tone.  This is where i am with it so far.....

A way to go but glad i've got my mojo back :)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The end

Last night marked the end of my art therapy course!  How I wish it could have continued, i wasn't ready for it to finish.  We were asked to create an image of where we see ourselves within a ball of wool (seriously you had to be there!!)

It's hard to describe what this means.  But...i really do not have an issue with showing images that possibly reveal my innermost thoughts and feelings.  It's good to share.

The second image was to be of what ingredients we felt we brought to the course.  This was a difficult one....but a 15 minute spontaneous image revealed this.........

Strangely,  group image that we created at the beginning of the course which was shown after this image was created, revealed this........

A very very similar image!  And totally unplanned....so what does that mean?????  Does that mean i've learnt nothing?  Come full circle????  A question i've been asking myself all day.

So thats it...it's done, over....i feel quite sad.

On the upside...my mum is home from her 3 1/2 months away in oz....and this is one of the things she gifted me.....

Great to have you back mum :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

On what I have been up to!

I'm trying to re-love my paintings again, my blog and my Facebook page www.facebook.com/caralara72 (nice little plug there).  I have neglected all lately.

As I said in a previous post I have been doing an Art Therapy course, well, last essay finished today and to be submitted and last session tomorrow night.  So what do do next?  I'm planning on taking a Life Coaching course which runs for 6 months, this should give me time to work out my next steps.  The Life Coaching course will hopefully go hand in hand with what i've learned at Uni, although I am far from an Art Therapist and the likelihood is slim slim slim, I can use the skills that i've learned.  I'm happy with that!

I have also been approached to submit a piece of work to an art auction to raise funds for an exhibition. Yay I so want to do this, but worried, what if it didn't sell!  I would feel such a fool.

I have also approached someone locally and suggested 'art workshops' in a local space.  They are very interested and hoping something will come of this.

And....i've started a new website which is now home to most of my portfolio.  I've also started work on a new online workshop 'Expressing through play'.   Pop over, send me a message, give me your thoughts and ideas...i'd love to hear them.

Planning my little workshop

Today, i've painted a bit.  I've picked up a piece that wasn't finished, but i'm struggling with it.....where to go next?

During my week off work i took the opportunity to tidy my art room and on going through my crafting materials realised i hadn't made anything for ages, so i spent a few days making cards!  It was so therapeutic even though I won't use them :)

And, operation make me happy.......

It has been the loooooongest coldest winter and I've not been very productive.  I've eaten way too much and it's now time to lose that horrible winter weight!  I've hated the fact that it was dark early, curtains closed and shut in side for months.  Now it's time.....operation GET HAPPY!