Thursday, 21 February 2013

Art Therapy Course

For those of you that don't know i've started a course in Art Therapy.....with only 9 weeks to go these are the images i've created thus far.  Not aesthetically pleasing to the eye but we have been encouraged throughout to just 'PLAY' and play is what i have done.

I would love love love to continue and do the MA degree to become and Art Therapist but full time work commitments and the fact that it is self funded have put paid to that.

I have a couple of other options...psychotherapy degree or counselling

But again its the cost of funding this myself.  I cannot tell you how much satisfaction i have got through learning again....i wish i'd done more at school.

So...providing i pass this year, which i'm sure i will....i have to make some decisions about my next move.

Overall it has taught me to be much freer with my art making.

and has opened my mind so much and allowed me to understand myself a little more....more is good yes???

I've loved every single minute of the experience...and am sad that the next nine weeks will pass by in a flash.....JUST as we have all got to know each other.

A new commission

I've been commissioned to paint a canvas for a very talented artist/creative MartiCrafts for her bedroom.  She has decided to make her own lampshades, throws etc all with an underlying indian theme!  You can see her mood board on pinterest . 

Therefore i am sooo so honoured to be a part of her newest creation.


A way to go but the base is there

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Iphone pics from the last week

A new little painting...........

My messy little art room......much love though

my cosy cosy fires oh how in a way i will miss winter

my stupid little sketches

my home made pea n mint soup mmmmmmmmmm and a bit of bread with my butter

my attempt at portrait

my trip to uni and the beautiful sky infront of me

my 'non directive' uni night

my view of the studio wall which i loved!!! love love love

my weird encounter of something strange in the sky...which i did not capture on camera

and my realisation that said thing was a plane after stopping (as did many many cars) to take pics

Something a little different

No one can say i don't try.  I've wanted to capture likeness for soo very long and make a painting look lifelike.  I'm getting there but i don't think it will ever be my 'thing'.  However, i enjoyed painting this immensly. 

The skin tone on this particular painting seemed to happen so naturaly.  Maybe the picutre i was copying from highlighted tones better than other pictures i've copied from.

And then it all just seemed to go right!
But my eyes need lots of work!!

Nearly finished, but not quite!  Its all about practice practice!

Friday, 1 February 2013

New Painting

This canvas was mahoooosive!  So exciting seing all that white loveliness and all those endless possibilities. 

So I got well and truly stuck in....just mark making and colour splodging initially.

added a bit of black

Used my fingers to mix it up a bit........

Muchious funious