Sunday, 31 May 2009

Haven't created much lately.....

But....i have been out in my and yesterday....and stupidly am burnt to a crisp!!  You forget how the sun gets you whilst driving!  But...still loving the car so much.  Its a very freeing feeling with the roof down and wind in your hair....altho my head is a little burnt and hoping sunstroke doesn't set in :)....and i broke my sunglasses....and had to make an hour journey back with one arm and tissue on the other side to make it more comfortable!!!  And by this stage my hair is a knotted mess...and my shoulders are bright driving has its downsides too lol.

Would so love to get out there and take some pics.  Being in the middle of a town its not easy to just walk somewhere.  So...have put up a pic that i took a couple of years back when i got my nikon D80.  And a cheery little image with thoughts of my grandad who is very ill in hospital :(

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Look what i won :)

This arrived today....i was on a thread in etsy and Chrissie was offering a ring to the person who named her granddaughter!!  I won it...and here it is :)  and i love it :)

Friday, 29 May 2009

Bloomin' tree of love

Bloomin' tree of love
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My second sale on etsy!!! And i'm so glad its going to be winging its way to Australia to Kristie!!

This painting was a subconscious thing i did one day....i loved the colours....and am so pleased that Kristie will hopefull love it :)

Happy blogging Friday !

Sunday, 24 May 2009

This is it....

This is my new car :)

Candice and her Candyfloss Dawg

Another little painting i did today....not sure about this one...but i enjoyed painting in so many vibrant colours.  

Newest illustration

Porshas winter tan enhanced her smile!

As usual....a little spontaneous sketch turned into quite a bright little colourful painting.  Unsure yet as to whether its Etsy worthy....or just something i will put away for now...and maybe find one day and smile.  I loved the channel detail on her shopping bags (channel was the only thing i had to hand to copy! :))

Am still reading my way through life is a verb.  A very very good read.  The author explains about the use of margins in a book and how scribbling in the ISN'T defacing them....but still i'm struggling to do so....and always love the crispness of a book.  But i have to say....reading it....i do feel the urge to scribble my thoughts in those makes you want to!

Sunny sunny sunday...and my new car!

I've got a new car....yay.....Alfa Spider :D exciting!  Pics to follow!!!

I will miss my sunny little yellow stilo....but...this is just adorable! :)

So...sunny sunny sunday :)


Firstly, apologies to all for not posting the winner yesterday as promised...but stupid internet went down!!
Therefore....the winner is.....

drum rolls :)

Mommyjen99 has a daughter called summer and it seemed very apt :)

So congrats to mommyjen!!  Please contact me via convo on etsy and provide me with address details, and will send this out to you in the next week :)  Thanks to all who entered....I really enjoyed my first giveaway.....and more will follow :)

Friday, 22 May 2009

New painting available in my shop

A quick little painting

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Somebody asked if i had painted any little boy illustrations to accompany my 'being a kid' collection.....the answer was no...but when i got in from work i thought i would quickly sketch and paint one. This the result...not the best lol!

I was really really pleased today, not only was i featured on Kara's blog, but Audreycountrycrafts has a mini etsy of mine on her blog. It's a nice feeling as it makes me think that what i create is semi ok!

So a big thank you to both of you!!!!

Also, my giveaway ends tonight!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

'Life is a Verb'

Started reading this yesterday.  Very inspirational book....have to pop out soon, but am looking forward to settling down when i get back and reading some more.

Sunny Thursday

What a beautiful day today!  They said it would rain, how wrong they were again!  Tomorrow is the last day of my don't forget to enter.  I am also being featured on tomorrow.....have a little look :)  and thanks Kara for giving me the chance to feature on your blog :)

Still only at 1 sale on etsy....but the comments and support i have had for my work has been overwhelming and given me that little push to carry on.  Sometimes we all need a little boost :)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tuesday Giveaway

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So many of these little paintings, so...i would like to give this little original painting away to someone who would love it.

Just a few comments is all i require. A few happy thoughts and words and i will pick a winner in the next week or so.

Monday, 18 May 2009

A few more of my 'being a kid' paintings

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more can be seen right here

And now available for sale in my Etsy shop

New for sale on Etsy

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This painting part of my 'being a kid' series now on sale on Etsy!

'Being a kid'

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I have painted lots of these, probably about 30 now all mounted and bagged ready for selling. Finding the outlet is what is needed now.

Naughty & Nice

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This little painting was done a few weeks ago now....and has been given away. Everybody seemed to like this one, so i'm thinking a little series of them might be in order.

I briefly drew and painted yesterday, but to be honest, am struggling with ideas and ability. I think i'm rushing too much or expecting too much from myself as per.

Time slips by so quickly with all the other things that need to be done, but i must give myself time during my week to paint.!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Can you guess who it is??!!

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Found this whilst uploading pics to Flickr. This was painted nearly 4 years ago now. Dodgy dodgy eyes to say the least. Was always pleased with the hair and the top though for some reason. Anyway...rush rush...apointment in 20 mins.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wednesday Randomness

Blog block over the past week!! Had some awful cold that has really taken its toll therefore everything else has gone completely out of the window. Haven't done anything creative....AT ALL....but have opened a flickr account and have started uploading my art work and will also upload my photos etc. Have linked it (I think) to my will do a little test in a minute. Soooooo as i have no new paintings or anything.....i'll post a little wednesday randomness.  The pic above is one that i painted for someones birthday....renoir - the umbrellas.