Friday, 3 September 2010

Tracey Emin - on being a little obsessed at the mo

Strangely, a little obsessed by the weird and wonderful Tracey Emin, who until a few weeks ago (head in the sand me) hadn't even heard of !!  Maybe i had heard of her, but the contemporary style of her work (much like damien hurst) did nothing for me, therefore, Tracey Emins name probably just slipped out of my head.
But it seems i was destined to learn about her and actually like her.
I heard someone speak her name a few weeks back and refered to her unmade bed piece.  Instantly searched on the internet....hmmm.....much fuss about nothing as per.
After the exhibition i did, there was a write up in the local paper (the bit about me was quite cool and my mum was mentioned too :)).  One of the pieces exhibited was by a local artist.  In the paper it was refered to as like 'Tracey Emin'.  That name again!!!
Then, last week i visited the V&A in london.  In the fashion section was a gorgeous bag that instantly drew my eye.  Full of patchwork words, feeling and emotion.  Of course, this was soooo me and i wanted that bag!  The designer - Tracey Emin. 
So i bought her book 'strangeland' and i cannot put it down.  Messed up, mixed up, misunderstood. 
I love it.
Can't stop reading it.
And below....a pic of said bag.

Source of new inspiration maybe?