Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Feeling inspired

Having done the art college thing/graphic design and now dabbling in fashion design....photography and the like....i still have found my THING!  What is this thing.  I'm lurking and stalking blogs....but in doing so i'm finding out so many new things that i've never tried.  Mixed media is one!  Touched on bits i guess in my college days....but i was so focused on the graphics side of things and everything i created being 'perfection' i never let myself loose and free to experiment with all kinds of media.

I feel totally inspired tonight....BUT...there are a few hours left of this evening before i have to wind down for bed ready for my new day in the office....sighs......how incredibly boring :)

Feeling much much better tonight.

Feeling very tired and achey of late...deflated and totally underwhelmed. Struggling along with the day job (boring me senseless). Despite the fact that i've loved my art since i was a child....i'm still looking for my 'thing'. I tamper in most things....but i feel i fail in whatever i create.

Today....i don't feel all that well.

A description of what i am today

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Monday, 30 March 2009

Two new paintings

Two not so good new paintings.  The first one 'The darker side of me' was kind of a sub conscious painting.  The second....a little fantasy painting....i guess i felt a little brighter in the afternoon.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Work in progress

This was work in progress.  I'm struggling with the small area i have to work in.  On one side of my small room i have my art materials and desks and on the other side i have boxes and boxes of clothes, stuff i want but no long use...and general rubbish.  Putting it all in storage may be the way forward...then i can have the whole of the room to myself :)  

Saturday, 28 March 2009

My Room

As any arty farty will know....a room full of goodies is like a sweetie shop!!  See above!


I'm trying to keep a sketchbook, but like a diary it is something i always forget.  I bought a lovely little moleskine sketchbook and carried it around with me for a while....even in the bath....as above!
This was my second painting today.  Childish....very....but with pencil in hand this is what i came up with.  

A painting or drawing a day is what i intend to achieve from now on.  Even if a quick sketch/painting...i want to get my passion back!

This water colour painting entitled 'Emerald Pixie' was drawn and painted in less than an hour.  Now i know that speed is not the key....but what is in my head is...and if i don't get it down quickly....its gone!