Friday, 22 May 2009

A quick little painting

Originally uploaded by caralara
Somebody asked if i had painted any little boy illustrations to accompany my 'being a kid' collection.....the answer was no...but when i got in from work i thought i would quickly sketch and paint one. This the result...not the best lol!

I was really really pleased today, not only was i featured on Kara's blog, but Audreycountrycrafts has a mini etsy of mine on her blog. It's a nice feeling as it makes me think that what i create is semi ok!

So a big thank you to both of you!!!!

Also, my giveaway ends tonight!!!!!!!!!


  1. That's really cute!! I don't know how you do that so quick. I just can't paint people.

  2. neither can i audrey...not really lol. I just get something in my head and paint :) thanks for looking :)

  3. How adorable! ^_^ Great painting.