Sunday, 31 May 2009

Haven't created much lately.....

But....i have been out in my and yesterday....and stupidly am burnt to a crisp!!  You forget how the sun gets you whilst driving!  But...still loving the car so much.  Its a very freeing feeling with the roof down and wind in your hair....altho my head is a little burnt and hoping sunstroke doesn't set in :)....and i broke my sunglasses....and had to make an hour journey back with one arm and tissue on the other side to make it more comfortable!!!  And by this stage my hair is a knotted mess...and my shoulders are bright driving has its downsides too lol.

Would so love to get out there and take some pics.  Being in the middle of a town its not easy to just walk somewhere.  So...have put up a pic that i took a couple of years back when i got my nikon D80.  And a cheery little image with thoughts of my grandad who is very ill in hospital :(


  1. :)use lots of aloe and prayers for your sick grandbaby.

  2. We are opening our pool today, so we can groan about our sunburn together. :)

  3. Hoop you feel better soon and best wishes for your granddad in hospital.

  4. I hope your grandfather will be OK. And sunburns are awful. What about a bath in bakign soda?

  5. big squishy hugs for granddad - and as for top down driving - ah the trill, the devastatingly bad hair, the thrill!

    I have a little survival bag in my trunk, extra sunglasses, two baseball caps and sunscreen - that way I don't feel too guilty about dropping the top while riding with an unsuspecting and unprepared passenger! Enjoy!!

    just discovered your blog on an etsy forum thread - come on over and visit me sometime: