Saturday, 6 June 2009

My etsy buys arrived!! :)

To cheer me up on a sad week....i spent some money on etsy and also supported fellow etsians.  These are what have arrived today :)   The cute cleo cat was painted by Cynthia!!  I sent her a picture and she painted this on stone.....and have to say....i love it....reminds me of my lil cleo so much.  


  1. I like to buy from other Etsians, too. It's exciting to see the items in person, and all the care that went into their fabrication and even the packaging.

  2. absolutely!!! I have only had 3 sales and am ashamed of the way i have packaged! IF i get anymore :) I will certainly put more effort in :)

  3. Enjoy your new items and take care of yourself.