Sunday, 11 October 2009

Its been a while

As my previous posts, i haven't felt great lately! Therefore, painting has come to a complete standstill. The weather is changing rapidly and the nights are drawing in fast. My heating has gone on and i swear thats partially why i feel the way i do.

I've found a fantastic group of people on a new Etsy forum (karen if you're reading! find them they are great Enyaeiries buy post) They have had 170 odd sales in the last 5 or 6 days! and from that i've had 7! They are all such a talented and friendly bunch of etsians.

I haven't made much recently, although did make a few xmas cards yesterday (inspired by martina) but they aren't my best work lol. I listed them on Etsy at a cheap cheap price all the same.

My fish are doing great and today there are 3 new additions to my little fish family! I bought another molly (silver tail) another glow light and silver tip! The six that i originally had have now totally come to life and are loving their new swimming friends :) I am a total animal lover but i'd never had fish....and i am amazed at how endearing they are and the personalities that they possess!

I've made a shepherds pie (with lamb as per saturday kitchen lol) today! Obviously, its not for me! :) But it has been so totally time consuming and have really enjoyed making it. I won't get the benefit of my hard work lol...but i'll have pleasure in serving it up :) Am looking forward to the evening before my day at work (Shudders) as X Factor is on and i taped 'Arthur' of my fav. looking forward to that tonight.

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  1. Yes Cara, I am!!! I shall go check it out, if I can't find it I will send you a convo and ask you for the link. I know Enyaeiries, she is lovely.
    I think this time of year does take the wind out your sales, I I have felt lack lustre too - but I have had great news, I won't bore you here, but if you read my latest blog post you will see what I mean!- hugs x