Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Taking things seriously with a pinch of salt!!

I'm not sure whether i have shared this painting that i painting during the Xmas break. 

Oil on Canvas - 2011

Painted in oils on a large canvas.  I loved the flow of this one....the colours, the brushes, the oils all seemed just perfect.  Its a dreamy image although the photograph does not do it justice (a lazy iphone snap).  This is for sale but will not be listed on any craft/art selling sites. 

I'm now going to up my game!  Its time for me to be brave and not sit back and wait for my paintings to sell themselves.  Up until now, its been ok.  Etsy, folksy, ebay and the like have provided me with a platform where i can just sit back and watch the views grow and hope they sell themselves.  In reality, this is not working.  If you are an established artist and recognised for your work, then yes.  Being an unknown and relying solely on talent and a creative eye alone, is hard.  So upping my game.  I have a plan/strategy and will take myself more seriously with a pinch of salt :)

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