Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A painting re-worked 2011 style :)

I've been working from home again today due to me not being 100% and like a good conscientious girl i worked until 5pm then stopped.  I could actually get quite used to working alone!  I seem to get much more done.  My family have often told me that i spend too much time alone, but in all honesty, i wouldn't do it if i didn't like it.  I guess this is why i love the artist side of me.  It keeps me company when i'm alone.  So thats one of my long term goals/dreams, working on my own!

I've just ventured into my room and staring right at me was a painting that i'd started/completed 2 years ago.  I had never EVER liked it.  I now love it.  Just a little dab of oil paint, few strokes of oil pastel and a wax crayon here and there, finally, i have a painting i love again.  'Face up to it' is its new name.  Whilst titivating it the words face up spoke to me.....i don't know why, maybe it's a language i'm starting to learn.

Face up to fears
Face up to failure
Face up to despair
Face up to sadness
Face up to madness

You see, maybe i am learning after all :)

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