Monday, 14 March 2011

She sits, she thinks, she IS rhonda and the show must go on!

I've had this horrible virus that has rendered me pretty useless for the past week.  I've slept, taken it easy, and i'm very slowly getting back to normal.  My laptop and me have been best friends during my illy days and i've found so much inspiration.  I have also contacted many local outlets with regard to exhibiting my work and guess what?  I've had more reply's that i ever expected.  This afternoon i took the opportunity to use some of my pent up illy energy to paint.  Blank canvas, oil pastels and a brush!  It turned into a quick sketch, but i really enjoyed it.  The whole time i was painting i was feeling Rhonda's story!  The story of the showgirl wanting to be something else.  The whole story, book, film and stage play was in my thoughts whilst painting.  Thats why i enjoyed it!  

'she sits, she thinks, she IS Rhonda and the show must go on!'

Last Saturday me and my BFF (Marti from MartiCrafts) took a trip to southampton to get pampered and photographed.  What a fab day we had :) and so great to catch up.

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