Tuesday, 15 March 2011

On what i've been up to

Another day off work!  Went in, was sent home! :(  Went to docs and have sinusitis and have been signed off until monday and sent away with antibiotics.  Joy!  The antibiotics are making me feel really sickly, the sinusitus is making me deaf and hurting my head and feel generally grotty!  BUT hey, who the devil wants to hear all that?  Yah...no one :)

So tonight, in my stir crazy crazed mood i retreated to my spare room and dug out some goodies to make.  Marti (from MartiCrafts) has posted a fab tute on making these cute little 'fortune cookie' stylie bags.  So cool....go have a look at Marti's blog to see how they're made.

I then rummaged some more and found some wired paper leaves that i'd bought a while back.  They've sat in their packaging with nowhere to go, until tonight i thought they would make cute little earrings!

And below a snap i took with the 'instagram' app on my iphone!  Such a fabulous app!  I can't recommend this app enough!  Also, proof that spring is a springing.  I feel thankful right now for living in the UK.  For all the moaning that us brits do, we really should appreciate what we have here.  Thoughts to all of those affected by Fridays horridness :(  Love life, what we have, here and now, family, friends, for who knows!  My mum arrives home from her 5 month trip to Australia in 3 weeks time....i've really missed her!

So, lemsip is finally kicking in and the pain is leaving my head for a bit so will take this opportunity to rest my weary head and get some shut eye.

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