Thursday, 23 July 2009

So....bin it...keep it????

I am so unsure of this new painting.  I'm persevering but not sure.  Should i keep it???  Paint over it???  I suppose i'm a little disheartened of late....i've listed so many different items......all different prices.  But i guess my stuff is just not good enough to purchase :)  Still....i enjoy it :)  Keeps me sane and gives me a purpose in this groundhog day life ;)


  1. Your art is good enough to purchase. You just have to be patient and wait for the right buyer to come along. We all get discouraged sometimes. Keep at it. You have a wonderful talent!

  2. keep at it!!! i really like your stuff and how your style is developing trust me I'm discouraged all the time but just keep it up and try and be patient (so hard for me)you are super talented!

  3. Cara, keep going, I can see your work evolving so much!!personally I really like this one, you have your own style, which is a gresat indicator if people can recognise your stuff, I take that as a real compliment when people say oh I knew it was one of yours!
    So chin up girl and keep at it.
    When I look back a couple of years at things I sold, I want to have them back and adjust them- art is an evolving learning thing, and you are doing great!!

  4. Slow sales (or even no sales) doesn't mean that the stuff that isn't selling is bad. I promise! :)

    I actually think this one's really interesting. Anytime you add two figures into the mix, it starts creating a story, so I find it very cool.