Monday, 20 July 2009

And she starts again

New canvas!!!!  Big canvas!!!!!!  New paints :)  Courtesy of oh thinking bout me today :)
Pencil out....roller.....blob some paint...and bobs your uncle!  Not great pics as got my macro lens on my camera and too damned lazy and hands covered in paint to change it.  (Also got a blob of paint on living room floor :o  whoops)

Doesn't look much yet....but thats the most fun bit outta the way....the splodging :)


  1. it's really fun to watch a work in progress. Looking forward to seeing the finished masterpiece! :-)

  2. That looks great! I've thought about painting in the living room, scared to get paint on the floor though. Really do need to get the paints out too.

  3. lol....DON'T DO IT audrey! Its messy lol

  4. Oooh I'm looking forward to seeing the completed piece! I've just been scrolling through your blog and your artwork is adorable!

    PS - I have paint splats all over the house. I've given up worrying about them now and have learnt to live with them :)