Tuesday, 14 July 2009


I decided to go in my mums loft the other day and dig out some of my old art work....see if i can revamp it and maybe put it in the box ready for the possible 'art thingy'.  I found some really really old work!!!!  They must have been done when i was about 10!  The drawing of they lady.....i remember being soooooo pleased with it.  But i was only 10 hehehe.


  1. how wonderful! i carried around a large brown professional portfolio (3X2') even when I was on the streets. for years after leaving my home I cherished it as it contained every unique piece i created as a child and teen. then I lost it when I was not being careful. I miss my purple hippo with the pink dots that won awards! Oh, well. Maybe it was meant to be? cheers!

  2. oh how sad! i'd be absolutely devastated. I also lost lots of my college work years ago.....its really upsetting!

    Re-create your purple hippo :)

  3. Hey, for 10 it looks AWESOME. lol Makes me wanna find some of my oldies but not so goodies. I think yours kinda kick the ass of mine, though, I admit... heh Some of mine show no indication whatsoever that even I was sure what I was drawing. I can identify everything in yours!