Thursday, 24 February 2011

Winging it! E-workshop

I've been thinking about this e-workshop for a long time now.  Winging it is my phylosophy when it comes to painting, no structure, no plan.  That way i get the most out of my art!  May not always be pleasing to the eye, but the satisfaction it gives me getting there is invaluable. 

Art has nurtured my being and healed my soul from the moment i could pick up a pencil.  Art has been a place that i can escape to when times are tough. 

I have met many people on my creative journey who have shown courage, wisdom, freedom, hope and have enabled me to find myself on many levels. 

A few years back i decided to seek out some counselling with art therapy.  It didn't quiet help as i'd hoped, although i have now realised that i am the only person that can help me!  Which is how this e-workshop developed! 

We can help each other, on so many levels, artistic skills, emotions, experimenting. you fancy winging it???? 

So far this has had much interest.  Already people have asked to come on board!  We will create a community of like minded creative souls and share our passions and needs.  Contact me should you be interested.

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