Saturday, 25 April 2009

My Saturday! Cramming it in again!!!

These are the bits that came today...ebay purchases of course :)  Just a few mounts etc.  And the pic above is what happens when i decide to try and do it all!  It turns into a complete mess.  How on earth can one work in that mess! 

Why is there always so much to do?  So much you wanna do and so much that there just isn't time for???  I hate it.  Anyway....last night....sketching away and having found renewed inspiration from looking at the work by Sam Toft.....i decided to draw upon my thoughts and feelings etc.  The drawing is pretty damned awful....and its not finished.  I used acrylic on mount board and the results were actually quite pleasing.  I will finish off with maybe some pastels or something.  Bear in mind...i was just playing :)

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