Friday, 10 April 2009

My newest painting and the beauty of an ipod!

Blown away.  Sometimes i stick my ipod on and all of my most loved tracks come on and i love each and every one of them....but....sometimes....this little box that belts out my favorites...occasionally throws in a gem that you didn't have a clue you had or even heard of.  Of course, i've heard of casta diva....but never by Filippa Giordano....and oh my....what an absolutely amazing version.  I have listened to it over and over and every time i hear it i get goose bumps.  Anyway....i started on a new canvas.....and was at a loss as to words for it....but as soon as i heard 'Casta Diva'....well...that was it.  Still has quite a bit of work to be done to it....but this is it so far

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