Wednesday, 16 September 2009

ahhhh christmas :)

I know i know...its ages away...but this morning i felt very christmassy. Maybe its the change in the weather or reading forum posts on Etsy (it seems all etsians are getting their shops ready for Xmas sales). The above picture is how i'm assuming everyone feels about Christmas....warm soft lighting....presents under the tree....big cosy chair with a roaring fire...eating chocolate and watching happy/sad christmassy films!

But...thats ages away yet....and i know we have some horrid weather to come etc. :)

So...on the Etsy thing. I would love to get it ready for christmas, but the stuff in my shops probably isn't christmas present worthy (here i go again....putting myself down). I need ideas and inspiration on how to create products that would sell. Any ideas??? Please comment!!

I think i might def. shop handmade this year for my family! I want to support struggling etsians (now watch the comments flood in hehehe).

But for now...back to the day job :)


  1. I don't feel christmassy but I've just spent the day making christmas cards ready to list tomorrow! I've noticed that shops are getting their christmas items ready so I thought I'd make an early start.
    As for some ideas - you could make christmas cards out of your art work, or rewrite your description to include how they would make good presents. Sorry that's probably no help whatsoever.
    Hope you find your inspiration.

  2. I dont like thinking of xmas this early either! I agree, Christmas or maybe even thank you cards with your art!

  3. CHRISTMAS!!! Already, I know we have to think ahead but I am like you my art is not really stocking stuffer material. :(

    Others have suggested cards, I have thought about doing series of art print cards, I would buy cards from you :)

    Just hearted you, Have a good one, regards, T.