Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Is there any point?

It wasn't my intention to write personal blurb on my blog! It was intended to be purely of a creative nature!

But today....i feel deflated. I have no creative bone left in my body. The sun is shining, but it could be raining for all i know. I'm at work and don't wanna be here, but i don't wanna be at home either. Its my birthday in 3 days time! I will be 37.

Today....i feel sad.


  1. I'm sorry..I completely understand those days. I really hope something will come along that will cheer you up.

  2. I am so sorry... it made me sad to read your blog... I know sometimes life can bring us down, I'm not sure what things are going on in your life that have brought you to such sadness, but cheer up! A birthday is just another date on the calender and age is just a number... Besides the fact that 37 is still so very young!!
    Sending good thoughts your way!
    BIG cyber hug

  3. Sometimes life is just hard. It gets us down. Your birthday will be wonderful and you'll be back to your cheery self.


  4. I went through a spurt like this a few weeks ago, things will get better! Just take a few days to not even look at your art supplies, things will start coming to you again before you know it! :)

    And you have a birthday to look forward to! Presents! :)

  5. You can be sad today. Then, tomorrow, get up, shake yourself off, and try a new and different sort of project. Watch a movie that makes you laugh. Take a long bubble bath. Call someone who loves you.
    It's a wonderful life, and every birthday is a milestone and a victory.
    Hang in there.

  6. that's ten if you add the numbers together, so go and have fun like a ten year old! yippee! ;)