Saturday, 29 August 2009

Continuation of my slow saturday!

Well...not much has changed since this morning. Its still slow, haven't achieved much. Printed out a few pics that i may put on etsy in a frame. Its 5.40pm here....haven't even got any make up on yet :S What a sight!

I feel very angry right now.....i have just read a blog post.....a 'begging blog post'. Now this person has put her email addy on every single post asking for contributions via paypal. OMG!
We all have to work....we all have some financial difficulty throughout our lives....but NEVER would i consider begging like blatantly. It has actually made my blood boil! I read this persons profile and its apparent that she is extremely religious and while i have no argument about that....this isn't the first time that i've heard about somebody begging in that way! grrrrrrr is all i can say. If you haven't got it....find it some other way....don't beg.....just don't have!!!!

And thank you! :) not very often i blurt like that :)

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