Thursday, 13 August 2009


Yesterday was a totally non productive day.  It was my first day back at work after four days and just couldn't find any inspiration.  Tonight, however, i have cut, torn, glue, painted, stamped, drawn and smudge and loved every minute.  The colours in this painting are very earthy, but due to the dusk light outside i've had to use a flash which has completely ruined the colour!  All i wanna say is.....this is how i've always wanted to paint!!!!  I'm loving it!  So the above is a little self portrait :)

There is more to add...but night time duties call....dinner, tidy and the like :)


  1. This is lovely! You've turned a corner maybe?

  2. Cool portrait!

  3. Wonderful, Cara, just wonderful.
    Breakthroughs rule!!

  4. Thank you all :D Yes i def. feel like i've turned some kinda corner :)