Friday, 20 April 2012

Paper 53

At last!
It's here!
The iPad app that i have soooooo been wanting and needing.  I have to say it is the best best bestest sketching/writing app that i have ever seen!  My next purchase is a long awaited stylus so that i can really use it as a sketch book, scribble down ideas etc.  At the moment i'm drawing with my finger, which is interesting and really gives a whole new meaning of finger painting!  Who would have thought eh?

I can sit in front of the tv with just one little gadget.  No pens, paper, paint to clutter the place, just one small amazing gadget.  I love my iPad :)  I love this new app!

The effects are realistic (colours could be better) but its like painting with water colour.

and can even manipulate it in photoshop!
I  A M  I N  L O V E

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