Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Crystal Castle NSW

I visited here whilst on my travels and what a spiritual place it was.  Situated in hills, in the sun in New South Wales.  Loved!  So much i can't tell you. 

Above is a pic of my mum walking her troubles away around 'The Labyrinth'.  It was a quiet spirtitual place, a place to ask questions - a place to seek answers.  On completion of the walk, mum actually got very emotional and declared that she felt she'd been given answers to her questions.  Whether the labyrinth itself gave the answer or the pure concentration of the walk, we shall never know!

Another photo of the beautiful gardens.  I had my Aura read...wow....i was all orange and yellows and reds!  Apparantly my heart is open.  I'll updated you with all my aura findings some other time.  A fantastic spiritual place in the wonderful Australia.

Sitting on the beach watching the waves and the aqua blue sea, surrounded in shells, my heart was full of happiness and gratefulness that i was able to be sitting on the otherside of the world, in a country i never thought i would see.  So i made my shell heart.


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