Saturday, 10 July 2010

So....what have i been doing?

All art and crafts came to a stop! It seemed that everything i tried to create/paint pleased me NOT! I couldn't find any inspiration! The art group that i belong too became a struggle as i was wanting to become the fine artists that attend. I have to keep reminding myself...I HAVE MY OWN STYLE. A couple of weeks back i gave a demonstration on glass painting....was v. nervous to say the least....i haven't dabbled in glass painting for years and years. To my was thoroughly enjoyable, so painted a couple of clip frames. I will be opening another Etsy shop very soon with my crafts for sale. Caralara will be purely painting.

I visited an art gallery this talking to the guy who runs/owns it and although they have not space for paintings at the moment he said he would be interested in seeing some of my work. The gallery also holds Life drawing classes....i'm thinking about popping along.


  1. Love the clip frames Cara, great idea!

  2. Great clip frames! Found your blog through Etsy and love your work! I also tend to lose my inspiration,comparing myself to other artists, but like you said "I have my own style" and those are wonderful words to live by...thank you. Good luck with the gallery!