Thursday, 21 January 2010

New Year....better late than never!

I've had a complete blog shutdown for the last few months! A little to do with the pup.....a bit to do with going for the whole sell sell sell on etsy.....something to do with lacking inspiration.....tied down with day to day monotony.....but today....i feel i'm back on track! For a bit at least.

Saying that....the inspiration for painting/drawing has dwindled totally! I'm hoping to find my passion again soon. Maybe when this dreaded dreary weather is out of the way and spring springs right back into my life.

For the's new wants!

I want to learn to play the piano
learn another language
MOVE to a house with a garden for the Mini Moo
I want to have a break from the monotony....a mini one would do :)
I want to learn to cope with life and all that it throws at me
Be more organised and regimented with keeping on top of things

Maybe i want too much!


1 comment:

  1. Heeelllloooooo so glad to see you back in blogland!!!
    Happyist of new years to you, hope you acheive all you want too.
    I am feeling a bit lack lustre and lacking in inspiration this week, I think the dreary weather is getting to me, roll on spirng :)