Friday, 6 November 2009

There certainly were fireworks last night

In the form of Mini Moo....she arrived!! And oh wow! She is beautiful and the most loving little bundle of fluff...but omg....its been 14 hours and if this is half as hard as having children....i'm glad i didn't!

She's still only 8 weeks old and very dependent, playful, inquisitive and we got about 5 hours sleep! Every couple of hours she's awake and crying :) She's not toilet trained a few lil accidents! I have training pads everywhere lol! So...she's asleep right now after having a mad few hours playing so thought i'd quickly update :)

I have many thoughts going round in my this the right thing to be doing is the biggest!
I've just got used to having the fish....and getting their tank around to a healthy state (new additions were 2 snails to help rid the algae problem). But....all of a sudden...this lonely flat has become a cozy home! And hopefully in May next year i will have a house that i so want...and especially for mini now :) Then thats it...i'm done....a wee family is all i needed :)


  1. Oh Cara, she is sooo sweet :) I am sure she will settle soon.

  2. Too cute.... I don't think you'll regret sharing your life with that wee girl! :0)

  3. Oh how cute she is! You'll have so much fun with her!

  4. Very cute! Sometimes fish are harder to manage than dogs- I think. I'm sure all will be great and fine and full of love!

  5. She is very very sweet, and yes puppies are about half as hard; but probably about as rewarding as having a baby and more so at first: infants can't interact other than quiet alert moments for quite some time and during the first 5 months my Peanut was up and crying every hour for food and changing. In that time 5 hours of sleep was a luxury.